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Development of Welding Procedure

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The company has developed and possesses the techniques for repaired welding procedures for materials (such as Turbine Casing) applied to each plant, such as nuclear power, thermal power, and combined power generation.

Development of Welding Procedure

  • Draft WPS
  • Making Samples
  • Non-destructive Inspection
  • Flexural test
  • PQR & WPQR
  • WPS Completion
Base Metal HP Casing, LP Casing, Packing Casing, BFPT Casing, BFP Casing, Pump Casing, Turbine Diaphragm, Etc.
C-Steel (P No.1,3), 0.5Cr-0.5Mo (P No.3), 1.25Cr-0.5Mo (P No.4), 1.25Cr-1Mo (P No.CrMoV), 3.5NiCrMoV (P No.9A, 9B, 9C), STS (P No.6,7,8), 9CrMoVNbCo (P No.7, 15E), 12CrNiMoVNbN (P No.6), Inconel (P No.41~47)
Filler Metal Alloy #82 (NiCr-3), ER309/309L, ER410, ER70S-2, E7016, E70S-6, E71T-1C, E9016B3, E90SB3, ERCoCr-3, ERCoCr-A
Welding Method GTAW, FCAW, SMAW, Combined
Note - Use for High Quality Filler Metal
- Exclude PWHT for Site Application
(Temper-Bead Method etc.)



  • PQR : Procedure Qualification Record
  • WPS : Welding Procedure Specification
  • WPQR : Welding Procedure Qualification Record