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Turbine Major Valve

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A valve is a device to control switching or flow rate of the fluid such as steam used for operating a turbine. The company possesses techniques for manufacturing of the valve, assembling and on-site maintenance in order to provide the client with the most suitable service.

Type of Machine

  • Main Stop Valve
  • Control Valve
  • Reheat Stop Valve
  • Intercept Valve

Manufacture & Replacement of Control Valve

Manufacture & Replacement of MSV, RSV

Boiler Safety Valve

Division Product No. Standards & Specifications Note
1 GM-SV-O-001 O.D88.0 X 99.0L TYPE 1
2 GM-SV-O-002 O.D85.8 X 114.5L TYPE 1
3 GM-SV-O-003 O.D72.0 X 80.2L TYPE 1
4 GM-SV-C-001 O.D85.8 X 119.0L TYPE 2
5 GM-SV-C-002 O.D69.7 X 100.2L TYPE 2