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“ We will be the Geo Myeong Power that puts customers first ”

Geo Myeong Power is an enterprise that specializes in maintenance of power installation such as nuclear power and thermal power, which produces various components for power installation and provides maintenance service.

With a system established for inspection and maintenance of turbines from a small power station up to a huge power plant, Geo Myeong Power endeavors to provide the clients with best service and highest quality resulted from endless research and development and innovation management on the basis of accumulated technical power.

All executives and staffs of Geo Myeong Power, as well as I (the representative), strive for further development of international market on the ground of diverse domestic and international experiences, and of the spirit of challenge. Our future is on the way for the goal of a global first-class enterprise in the field of power plants.

Thank you.

Geo Myeong Power Co..LTD