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Emergency generator : Manufacture of Turbo Charger component

Turbo Charger

Division Product Name Product No. Standards & Specifications Note
1 Rotor Shaft GM-TC-001 Ø255.4 x 1138.35L PNO.1010
2 Turbine Blade GM-TC-002 42.8 x 24.6 x 74.7L PNO.1210
3 Inducer GM-TC-003 Ø308.77 x 119.85L PNO.1310
4 Impeller GM-TC-004 Ø416 x 86.95L PNO.1410
5 Gas Seal GM-TC-005 Ø98 x 80L PNO.1540
6 Seal Bush(TBN) GM-TC-006 Ø149.5 x 70L PNO.2520
7 Oil Seal Bush GM-TC-007 Ø125.1 x 37.3L PNO.2530
8 Shroude Ring GM-TC-008 Ø508.9 x 80.9L PNO.2660
9 Seal Plate GM-TC-009 Ø489.93 x 113.57L PNO.3500
10 Shaft Seal GM-TC-010 Ø189.9 x 19.93L PNO.3520
11 Shaft shroud GM-TC-011 Ø247.9 x 285.5L PNO.3530
12 Seal Bush(COMP) GM-TC-012 Ø123 x 68.25L PNO.4530
13 Adjust Washer GM-TC-013 Ø220 x 10L PNO.4630
14 Bearing Housing Cover GM-TC-014 Ø141.02 x 25.2L PNO.4700
15 Oil Seal Plate GM-TC-015 Ø141 x 7.04L PNO.4850
16 Nozzle Ring GM-TC-016 Ø435.0 x 50.15L PNO.6100
17 Diffuser GM-TC-017 Ø654.1 x 28.22L PNO.6600
18 Bearing GM-TC-018 NTN TS2-SF0825DFC3P4 PNO.1900
19 Bearing GM-TC-019 NTN4 TS-6308P4V3 PNO.1920
20 Bearing Housing Cover 2 GM-TC-020 Ø118 x 11.5L -